Chilled Semen

 Semen can be collected, processed and packaged in order to send to a breeder in another area of the UK or indeed Europe or North America.  Chilled semen can survive and fertilise eggs for around five days as long as it kept at the correct temperature.  Chilled semen transport boxes will keep semen at the correct temperature for 48 hours, so organising the collection and shipment to coincide with the ideal insemination time of the bitch is essential.

Chilled semen once inseminated doesn’t survive as long as fresh semen so frequent progesterone testing of the bitch is necessary;

  1. a) To estimate the best time to collect the semen   b) To know exactly when to inseminate the semen into your bitch.

Here at Woof and Ready we can collect, centrifuge and add extender to your chosen stud from Woof and Ready Dog’s semen sample before packaging and shipping to its destination.  We have accounts with DHL and Fedex to facilitate this. The semen will be evaluated prior to cooling to ensure that the sample quality is good enough to use chilled.