Chilled Semen

What’s involved and what to expect from shipments from us.

Nothing beats that exciting feeling when dog breeders have bitches in heat. It means that they are fertile and ready to breed. If you’re a dog owner or breeder who does not have a male dog, one of your options is to find a stud owner that offers stud dog services and artificial insemination, which allows breeding without direct contact.

At Woof and Ready Stud besides our stud dog service, we also cater to dog owners outside the UK who want to purchase dog semen from a specific stud dog of ours . Our team ensures the satisfaction of our customers by providing a safe and secured chilled semen shipment.

Why Buy a Dog’s Semen from Us?

The success rate with our canine semen shipping is high. Chilled dog semen from young dogs can often live up to 6 days. However frequent progesterone testing in females is needed. It is proven to fertilize eggs when used through artificial insemination. If you still worry or have doubts, we have provided some benefits when buying chilled semen from our stud dogs.

  • High success rate and proven quality puppies

  • Performed under artificial insemination process

  • Dog’s semen from our premises are thoroughly analysed, so it has a lesser risk for diseases & STI’s.

  • Semen transport costs are affordable (price is fully inclusive of all shipping fees)

  • All Sperm shipped by us is from a KC registered dog and is health tested.

  • A copy of our stud dogs KC reg paper & health tests will be included in the shipment for your records.

  • Easy shipping for chilled semen

  • You’ll receive 2 vials of semen with the shipment, to be inseminated into your girl 48 hours apart.

  • Artificial insemination means less stress for the female dog

  • We will send you a short video of the semen under the digital microscope to reassure you of the quality & mobility of the semen sample we are shipping to you.

  • We will send a picture of the shipment with your name and address on, so you know what you will be receiving etc.

  • Once posted will send the tracking details across so you can track your shipment at your convenience.

Our collection of chilled semen on our premises is safely tested for its accurate volume, structure (size and shape), and motility to provide quality services. Before canine semen shipping, if shipping internationally we always make sure that the owner of the bitch has an import license to avoid conflict before and during shipping to avoid any delays at customs clearance.

 How We Chill The Semen

Step 1

We collect sperm by keeping a bitch in heat nearby our stud dog, we then draw the semen from our boy into a collection sleeve.

Step 2

The fresh semen sample is mixed together with egg yolk and a solution to place the semen to sleep.

Step 3

We then carefully package the 2 vials of semen up securely in the specifically designed semen chilled transportation box. We always black wrap the box and use bold fragile tape on the shipment to ensure it’s handled with care through the courier network.

Very important please read;

We always use Royal Mail on the special next day signed service (this is available Monday – Friday and typically arrives before 1pm)

If you require semen shipping, we have to know by 2 pm the previous day before so we can achieve the 4pm cut off with Royal for the next day service.

Full payment must be received and cleared within our bank account before we start the shipping process.

We strongly recommend using a K9 Fertility Clinic to inseminate your girl unless you have the expertise to carry out the Artificial Insemination procedure yourself.

The shipping of semen is the service we provide, this service is no way to be mis construed with a guarantee of puppies.

In the unfortunate circumstance we have to ship another semen specimen a further charge will need to be made by the bitch owner before shipping commences for £100.

Help us on reducing our Carbon Footprint

To help us focus on reducing our carbon footprint, if you return the shipping box and its full contents back to us we will refund you £30 upon the return of the shipping box. (There is no need to clean any of the items, simply put them back into the box and secure, we will even print a label for you to stick to the front of the box with our address on). This will be refunded within 7 days of the day of receipt of the shipping box and full contents.